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XXXVI. Energy Manipulation

It is part of our essential nature to manipulate energy, and we are not limited to only taking energy away from others into ourselves. Because we can sense energy, grasp it, influence it, and channel it, we may also give energy to others. Most often, we do this to help and to heal, though like all things, this skill can also be used to hurt and harm.

For most energy manipulations, our best focus is our hands. We can easily gather energy into our hands and manipulate it. If the energy comes from within ourselves, we need but to draw the energy into our center, then channel the energy down to either or both hands.

If you are successful in focusing energy into your hands, they will begin to grow warm and tingle. The capillaries will expand, causing a splotchy pinkening of the skin as, on a subtler level, the energy channels also expand to increase circulation on both levels.

A thrumming sensation may encompass your arms all the way up to the elbows and in some cases may even be perceptible to those around you. If someone touches your hands at this point, he will not only notice the increased heat (a by-product of the coalescing energy) but he will also feel an electrical vibration coursing through your flesh.

Once you have gathered such a charge to your hands, you may direct the energy toward a specific goal. To do this, you must visualize what you wish to do, accompanying the visualization with actual physical contact and motions to help maintain focus.

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