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XXXVII. The Energy Ball

Once you have learned how to focus and direct energy through your body, the most basic form of external energy manipulation is the energy ball. Cup your hands slightly until you feel a build-up of energy gather in your palm. It will have a barely perceptible heft to it, and if you press your fingers around it, you will feel a subtle tension before it begins to give.

This energy is malleable, like a very viscous fluid, and may be handled and shaped as you would clay.

Bring your hands together, palms still cupped and slightly parted, and form the energy into a ball. Feel its weight and the tension it creates between your fingers. Mold it and shape it with your hands. In this state, it can be thrown at a target or passed from person to person. In general, anyone struck with such a neutral ball of energy will feel something, though they may be hard pressed to define what.

If you look at this collected energy as you would the aura, you will find that it is perceptible as something misty or oily in the space between your hands.

You may charge this energy with a specific emotion or sensation. Simply concentrate on the energy in your hands and concentrate on that emotion or sensation. Recall it so completely that you actually experience it while focusing on the energy ball. Direct the sensation to the energy in your hands. The energy will then become infused with the emotion or sensation which you generated.

Now, when you throw this energy ball at someone, they will experience the sensation or emotion as you did. They may ignore it or they may act upon what they suddenly feel. Sometimes, if the sensation is strong enough, they may jump and instinctively look over at you.

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