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XXXVIII. Augmented Healing

Energy gathered into your hands, if allowed to remain neutral and uncharged by any extraneous emotions, can be used to heal yourself or another.

Cup the energy in your hand and hold this around the affected area. Channel the energy through your hands to the wound. As you send the energy through your hands, extends your awareness to include all that the energy comes into contact with. Focus on gradually smaller and smaller levels until you sense the source of the problem.

Your perception of the problem and how you seek to deal with it will depend upon your knowledge of anatomy and your technique of visualization. In general, you can speed the healing of any wound by vitalizing the area with energy and stimulating both circulation and cell growth.

If there are broken bones, visualize the ends of the bone knitting back together. If there are tears in muscles or tendons, will the fibers to reknit themselves. Visualize the blood gathering to carry away the fluids which cause swelling or any clotted matter left over from bruises or other ruptures. Visualize cell growth and mitosis occurring on an increased level.

Flood the area with as much energy as you can spare, then gradually cease the flow. Keep your hands over the area, holding the heat you've generated in place for a bit longer, then pull away.

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