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XXXIX. Advanced Healing Techniques

Sometimes a wound or illness may not have a physical cause. In such a case, lay your hands upon the area where the problem is focused and extend your awareness to the internal level. Probe out with your subtle sense and locate the intrusion which is the source of the problem. This may be a dark spot or a dense "object." It may merely be a feeling, such as a sensation of cold or pain. Find it, then, taking one hand, close both your physical and subtle self around it. Draw it out and throw it away. Do not take it into yourself as this can cause complications, not the least of which is the possibility of having the infection attack you.

Sometimes a wound or illness may exist on both the physical and subtle levels. In such a case, place your hands over the affected area and extend your awareness to the internal level. Draw out the subtle intrusion first. Heal the problem on the physical level only after this has been done. The physical and the subtle levels of existence are so interlinked that if you heal the physical but leave the subtle aspect untouched, the subtle intrusion will eventually cause the physical problem to recur.

You may use these techniques on yourself or others as the need arises. If your visualization is strong, you may not need to touch the affected area when healing yourself. Simply center, build up some energy, then focus inward and become aware of your internal processes. Focus your perception on the affected area and proceed with the healing visualizations discussed above. Cease when you feel you have done all the good that you can.

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