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XXXIII. Manifesting

We all possess a certain presence which hangs about us at all times. Whether we wish this or not, it will still be present to a limited degree, even when an effort is made to damp the effect down.

Our presence tends to be dark and intimidating, and it inspires fear and uncertainty in most who are exposed to it. Some, however, find our presence darkly fascinating, and for these it manifests as an irresistible and almost sexual attraction.

Manifesting is the art of taking this presence and manipulating it to our advantage.

Manifesting requires much the same technique as augmentation, however in the case of manifestation, the energy gathered is not directed within ourselves, to our physical bodies. Instead, it is extended outward so that it spreads around us like a cloak.

Center yourself, gather your energies, then expand them out around yourself. Visualize a nimbus of energy surrounding you, and focus on a particular image or emotion which you desire to project with this energy.

A great deal of manifesting relies upon the people around you. You are extending your energy to influence their minds on a semi-conscious level. Because you are speaking directly to their unconscious minds, their individual perceptions of your intent will ultimately influence what they perceive and how they react to you.

The most basic form of manifesting is manifesting the vampire. This draws upon the archetype that has developed around our kind over the years and can have a very potent psychological affect on those around you. Gather to your core all that makes you what you are: all the darkness, the alienation, the predatory need. Then shoot this concentrated energy throughout your being, extending it a few feet in front of you so that all those around you will be affected by this projection. By experimenting, you can extend this inimical aura around yourself for many feet, and what with satisfaction at it clears your way through a pressing crowd.

Using essentially the same technique, you can project fear, respect, intimidation, attraction, awe, and virtually anything else into the minds of those around you. Most will react to this projection on an unconscious level, moving toward you or hastily out of your way as you desire. Manifesting will especially draw the attention of those who are awakened or even semi-awake.

This effect may also be used to obscure yourself from others. The technique is the same, but instead of projecting fear or attraction, you should simply influence those around you to ignore you. Project obscurity and the sense that you are unremarkable and blend into your surroundings. When done properly, this will allow you to lose yourself in a crowd or even help you to hide unnoticed in an empty room.

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