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XXIV. Manipulating Links

Links can also be used to control the people on the other end. Just as you can receive emotions and scraps of thoughts through a strong link, so too can you send these things down the link to your target. Thus you can influence your target's emotional state and even implant suggestions for certain attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in his unconscious mind.

You can also use the link to focus an attack upon your target. Instead of sending benign thoughts and emotions down the link, you may send negatively charged energy, such as impressions of pain, despair, or depression. You may also use your ability to feed through a link as an attack, mercilessly draining energy until your target's reserves are seriously depleted.

You can also picture the link as a tendril of yourself that enters them somewhere at their core. Extending the visualization, you can reach out and yank on this tendril, as if trying to uproot it. The connection is often too deep for anything to actually tear or sever it, so the force you visualize is transferred to them. They will feel something in the center of their being pulling and tearing down to their core. The severity of this sensation and the damage it does depends upon the force with which it is done as well as how deep the connection goes.

You may also tug upon a link in order to draw a person to you. Visualize the person clearly and send them images of you. Pull them toward you and at the same time, send the distinct impression that they should contact you soon. If they are too far to come directly to you, they are likely to email or call. If they are able to come directly to you, they probably will within the course of a few days.

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