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VII. Fledglings

You are responsible for teaching and guiding those of our kind whom you have awakened to their true natures. You must guide them through their transformation, helping to ease the transition from one level of awareness to the next.

Those who you guide in this way will be as your children and will share a deep bond with you like no other.

You will know their very heart and soul. The mysteries of their Essential Self will be unveiled to you. No distance will separate your awareness of them.

The link goes both ways, and they can communicate with you and know your feelings when they choose. You may use the link to feed from them at a distance, to borrow their strength as your own.

Their thoughts will be yours to know; their actions will fall under your control if you so choose -- but do not seek to abuse this power you wield over them for as dearly as they may love you and revere you while under your control, they will just as thoroughly hate and revile you once that control has slipped away.

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