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Native South Americans

This index has links to resources at Sacred-texts about the religions and spiritual practices of Native South Americans exclusive of the Incas. Please note that while South America is a vast land with a great diversity of environments and cultures, the same cannot be said for the material available in the public domain which is written in English; thus all of the culture areas (except the Andean region) will be lumped together here. At this time, however, only British Guiana (now known as Guyana) is represented.

 An Inquiry into the Animism and Folk-Lore of the Guiana Indians.
by Walter E. Roth. [1915]
(from the Thirtieth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 1908-1909, pp. 103-386)

 Legends and Myths of the Aboriginal Indians of British Guiana.
by William Henry Brett. [1880]

The Creation Account of the Uitoto of Colombia, South America