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Ainu Texts

The Ainu are Japans’ largest ethnic minority. They are known for Shamanistic beliefs and practises which are considered part of the Siberian tradition. Shamanism is probably one of the sources of Shinto, the indigenous religion of the ethnic Japanese.

 Aino Folk-Tales
by Basil Hall Chamberlain [1888]
This is a collection of Ainu folktales, by the translator of the Kojiki.

 Specimens of Ainu Folk-lore
by John Batchelor [1888-1893]
Another collection of Ainu folktales, by a Christian missionary who lived among them for many years; these translations are considered primary source material to this day.



 Yukara, epos of the Ainus
by Kiyoko Miura.

 Kutune Shirka, The Ainu Epic
tr. by Arthur Waley [1953]

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