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Enochian Magic

These texts relate to the theory and practice of Enochian Magic. All of these texts are pre-World-Wide-Web bulletin board postings.

The Calls of Enoch
Enochian Rituals [Anon.]
An Enochian dictionary by Fra:. Michael 111
An essay on the pronunciation of Enochian by Christeos Pir
ADVORPT — 90th region in the progression of the Aethyrs [Anon.]
A vision of the Square “T” of ISMT of the Fiery Lesser Angle of the Earth Tablet [Anon.]
Gematria Values of the Enochian Characters [Anon.]
The Lotus of Power Ritual by Josh Norton
Enochian Magick [Anon.]


Texts by Benjamin Rowe

Book of the Seniors

Enochian Temples

ENOCHIAN TEMPLES — Contruction of the Macrocosmic Enochian Temples
THE LOWER TEMPLE — Construction of the Microcosmic Temples
THE TEMPLE OF FIRE — Consecrating the Temple of the Fire Tablet
THE CACODEMONS — Invoking the Cacodemons with the Temples
THE ABYSS EXPERIENCE — Generating the Abyss Experience
THE FIRST KEY — An Analysis of the First Enochian Call or Key
THE SECOND KEY — Experiments with the Second Enochian Call or Key
THE RITUAL OF THE HEPTAGRAM — Using Dee’s Heptarchic System
THE RITUAL OF THE HEXAGRAM — An experimental Enochian Ritual
THE AEONIC PERSPECTIVE — Temples, INRI/IRNI and the Set/Horus Duality
SET / HORUS — Further examination of the Set/Horus Mythos
DIVINE CREATION AND INTIATION — The process of Aeonic Emanations
THE PATHS — A brief listing of the Achadian Paths
THE LAND — Medieval Social Structure and the Achadian Tree
THE BOOK OF THE ARCHER — Using the Astrological Chart as a Lamen
THE ZODIACAL ROUND — The precessional sequence as steps in Creativity

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