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Chaos Magic

These texts relate to the theory and practice of Chaos Magic. All of these texts are pre-World-Wide-Web bulletin board postings.
Much of this material relates to the I.O.T. (Illuminates of Thanateros), and the Zos Kia Cultus.

Some of this material overlaps with the Internet Book of Shadows.

Gnosis [Anon.]
IOT [Anon.]
Skullfuck ritual [Anon.]
Defining Chaos by Jaq D. Hawkins, aka Mark Chao. This is an updated version of this article, submitted by the author. Thanks!
Introduction to Cybercraft, by Mike Morgan
The Manifestation of Kali in Universe as an Astrophysical Anomaly By Persona Navitae 353


Peter Carroll and the IOT

Excerpts from Peter Carroll’s Works part 1
Excerpts from Peter Carroll’s Works part 2
The Magus by Peter Carroll
Chaos Monasticism, by Peter Carroll
Octarine: Rituals and Spell Objectives and Design in Eight Magics by Peter Carroll
The Pact (IOT) – The Story So Far, by Peter Carroll
Paradigm Shifts and Aeonics, by Peter Carroll
The Magical Pact of The Illuminnates Of Thanateros by Peter Carroll
Principia Chaotica by Peter Carroll


Austin Osman Spare and the Kos Kia Cultus

Anathema of Zos: Automatic Writing By Austin Osman Spare
The Focus of Life by Austin Osman Spare
The Book of Pleasure (Self-Love). The Psychology of Ecstasy. By Austin Osman Spare
The Sorceries of Zos (Austin O. Spare) from Cults of the Shadow by Kenneth Grant
Austin Osman Spare and the Zos Kia Cultus

 Warning: Some of these texts are copyrighted.