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The Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy

By Fitz Balintine Pettersburg


This is a text from Jamaica, written during the 1920s by a proto-Rastafarian preacher, Fitz Balintine Pettersburg. The text is primarily of historical significance. Along with The Holy Piby, the Royal Parchment Scroll is today recognized as one of the root documents of Rastafarian thought. It is a rambling, surrealistic stream-of-consciousness polemic against the White colonial power structure, a 'found' palimpsest of Afrocentric thought, brimming with rage and energy.

It is very difficult to obtain copies of this text today. The Royal Parchment Scroll was used in the 1930s as the basis for The Promised Key by Leonard Percival Howell.

Title Page
Ethiopia's Preface
Chapter 1. The Ethiopian Western Philosophy
Chapter 2. The Royal Move
Chapter 3. The Healing Plough of Creation
Chapter 4. Her Royal Banquet
Chapter 5. The Book's Compound Limped Cover
Chapter 6. Obeah
Chapter 7. Ethiopia's Balm Yard Poison No. 666
Chapter 8. Perfect Baptism Under Water
Chapter 9. Perfect Baptism Under Water
Chapter 10. Perfect Baptism Under Water
Chapter 11. His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega, Marriage Diploma
Chapter 12. The Holy Ceremony of the Mortals
Chapter 13. Ceremony of the Mortals
Chapter 14. Fasting--How to Fast
Chapter 15. The Egyptian Copyright Department
Chapter 16. Speaking in Divers Tongue
Chapter 17. Speaking in Tongues
Chapter 18. My Rain Bow Circle Throne
Chapter 19. Ethiopia's Triumphant Proclamation
Chapter 20. The Royal Swaddling of Jesus and John the Baptist
Chapter 21. The Load-Stone Lepor
Chapter 22. The Law of Resurrection
Chapter 23. Ethiopia's Banqueting Chamber
Chapter 24. Government
Chapter 25. The Owner of Most Holy Theocracy, K.A.Q.O.
Chapter 26. World's Building
Chapter 27. World's Building
Chapter 28. General Marcus Garvey and Bishop Rogers
Chapter 29. The Eternal Law Office
Chapter 30. The Soldiers at Camp and Police Dept.
Chapter 31. Black Supremacy's Infant's Diploma
Chapter 32. His and Her Monarch the African Potentate
Chapter 33. Ethiopia's School, College & University
Chapter 34. Black Supremacy's Patten Officer
Chapter 35. Eve, the Mother of Evil
Chapter 36. The Eternal Come Back
Chapter 37. None Matrimonial Prosecution
Chapter 38. His And Her Majesty King Melchiszedek's Affidavit
Chapter 39. New Testament Port
Chapter 40. The Ethiopian People's Ordination
Chapter 41. No. 1. The Bible Editor
Chapter 42. The Head Biblical Interpreter, of Creation
Chapter 43. The Man Before Adam Was
Chapter 44. My Royal Mother
Chapter 45. The Founder's Support Funds
Chapter 46. Registered Library
Chapter 47. The African Question
Chapter 47 a. Atlas Survayor
Chapter 48. The Map-Making and Bible Atlas Survayor
Chapter 48 a. Owner of the Zodiac
Chapter 49. Psalm 50 by the Monarch Pettersburgh
Chapter 50. The Theological Lawgiver of Creation