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p. 31

Chapter 17


Professor Rogers The House of Athlyi.
One fallen Angel, told Professor Rogers, that his name is (Douglas). And Poor Rogers did not know, he was "The Principal of Hell". Judge Lucifer The Devil is no Common Theologian.
He has got PASTOR RUSSEL and Judge Rutherford Dead. FOOLED with His Doctrine. Called Millions Living Now, under Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon The Leper, SHALL NEVER DIE. Note: (Millions Living now shall Never Die).

In Nineteen Twenty-two I told Judge Rutherford he must stop preaching Lies.
The Apostle PAUL CALLED them Principality.
The Pilot Marcus Garvey. The fallen Angel, whose name is Lady Astonishment.
She told Pilot Garvey, That her Big Universal Name is The Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League.
The Pilot Believed the Angle-Militant Upside Down Queen.
Special Notice.
I am ready to tell you, That Lady Creation Vast is BLACK SUPREMACY. His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega, are Black Dignitary. By Lady Pettersburgh Equinoctial-Equinox Founder of Mortal Speech.
Speak with MORTALS, not Angels, King Alpha and Queen Omega K.O.K.

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