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p. 30

Chapter 16


Before the Adamic DEADLY DISEASES poisoned The Human family with FALLEN ANGLES Blue MURDER.
There has been only one PERFECT language on the FACE of the Globe.

Therefore, the Angle-Militant fallen Angles' tongues, are not appreciated by His Majesty the Monarch of Life.
Thus saith the Living God to Creation VAST.
For they have deceived the Race man.
And have killed the Mortal SUPREME Monarch. Heaven is no GUESSOR, long before this World was, Heaven has BEEN running co-trillions of CENTURIES ago.
Ethiopia's Repository will Change and qualify the fallen Angels Deadly POISONOUS INDOMITABLE Lying tongues.

STUPIDITY is the most they get out of the Various tongues spoken by the Majority.
Ninety five out of every HUNDRED do not know what they do or say. And Ghost can fool them at any corner. (Ruth and Lillian) said they knew what they are talking about.

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