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p. 58

Chapter 36

The Eternal Come Back

King Alpha and Queen Omega's Eternal Come Back.
His Majesty and His Wife, Queen "Bulah" May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. King of Kings. "Egyptian Chestnut" Winner. My Dear Creation, I am His Monarch Sovereign, Pay Master and Owner of this World.

Just make one Eternal come Back at my Pay Office.
Mrs. Lula May Fitz Balintine (Bulah Pettersburgh, K.A.Q.O.)
Please "Madam", your Vehement Venerable Pay Mrs., "My friend Omega," of Old Alpha the Lion of Creation.
Please hand me, the "Pay Roll" and The Militant Balance Sheet.
And your "Majesty" will mount my Exceeding Great Circle Throne, and throw Old Theocracy above the wheel of Holy Time, right into Holy Eternity, to the Lion of Alpha and Omega. King Affidavit "O.F." "O.F." of Forevermore."
The Militant Pay Cheque is, King Alpha and His Wife's Eternal come Back.
The Militant Abraham is guilty of Eternal-Leze-majesty, S.S.S.S., A.D. 1925.

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