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p. 57

Chapter 35


The Adamic Tree of Knowledge and Eve the Mother of Evil. Genesis 2nd Chapter.
The Adamic Apple Tree. My dear Lepor, your name is Adam-Abraham-Anglo-Saxon, Apple Tree.
That looks pretty and respectable to your eyes. Don't it?
Why: Yes indeed--GROSS Beauty is The QUEEN IN HELL; and the Royal Lepor.

Adam and Eve, and Abraham, Anglo-Saxon peoples-are all white.
s.s.s.s. I am his and her Arch sovereign of Most Holy Time, His and Her Perfect Virginity, King Alpha and Queen Omega, His and Her Dynasty Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh, Owner of Creation.

We are Black Supreme Crown Head of Most Holy Time, The Pay Master and Keeper of The Perfect Tree of Life.

We are Creators of Creation. Dynasties and Kingdoms, Holy Genealogy and Holy Theocracy, and Celestial and Terrestrial Mediator if you wish to know Our Professions.

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