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p. 72

Chapter 46


Librarian's Register General Office of Black Supremacy, A.B.C.S.J.W.
Our Creative Sovereign of Mortal Libraries of Holy Time, The Lion & His Lioness of Alpha and Omega Queen Lula May Fitz BALINTINE PETTERSBURGH OWNER OF MORTAL LIBRARIES BLACK FOLKS. The Royal Head oh the Church Triumphant, & The Eternal Angelic Hosts.
The Register General's Office of Communication by Black Supremacy the Great Triumphant Church K.A.Q.O.K.O.K., A.B.C.,S.J.W.,S.G.C. P.M.O.H.T.K.O.,T.T.L.C.L.C.

The Registered Business & Authorityship, of Black Supremacy. This instrument protect the two sides of Authorityship, height and depth. The preference is always thrown over to the Church Triumphant. K.A.Q.O.S.J.W.K.O.K.

The Denouncement of the Militant Bible-Lands and Militant Dynasty. Any one found with any History, Record, or Books, or Bible from ADAM to Anglo-Saxon is guilty of Leze-Majesty, and is DEALT WITH AS SUCH. By the Dread order of the Church Triumphant. ETERNAL AFFIDAVIT.

p. 73

The Register General Office, of The Triumphant Dynasty Great Black Supremacy.
By His & Her copyright Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh Owner of the Triumphant Dynasty & Great Black Supremacy. K.A.Q.O.K., O.K.C.L.C.

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