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p. 38

Chapter 22


According to the RULE of Resurrections (one Race) of people must go down to dishonour, and The Other to Honour.
Make your INDIVIDUAL way Straight, when you are at THE head of AFFAIRS with GOD for HEAVEN DO NOT PAY, every WEEK.
But your Due-bill is SURE for every minute of your life. I am His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega The Pay Master for the Terrestrial Bar.

Black Supremacy is the Queen of Ethiopia's Triumphant Resurrection.
Africa's DESIRE is to Rebuild Solomon's Temple, but Solomon, is not BIG ENOUGH, nor his FATHER DAVID to dictate to the Monarch of Dread Creation.

I am Building a World's Super Capital for The Church Triumphant, The Black Supremacy at the World's Dam-Head.
I am the Master Builder of Continents, and Countries, DYNASTIES and Kingdoms on this Earth PLAIN. I am The Perfect Royal Head of This World, The Root of Creation.
King Alpha and Queen Omega, The First and The Last.

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