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p. 2

The Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy

Our eternal Life Creator The owner of Life, The Eternal Register Office

K.A.Q.O., The Crown

Register General Office Black Supremacy

The Church Triumphant, The Crown Law of Education & Sacred Theocracy

K.A.Q.O.S.W.J.W., The Monarch Documents

(Protect all), Human Descriptions

K.O.K.... The Black man is The Master of this World., Theocracy, The Dictionary,

Law Courts & Money Mints & Governments

p. 3

K.A.Q.O.... The world's first Triumphant Capital, The isle of Spring, The Triumphant Bible Land, King Alpha and Queen Omega Black Folks ......

His & Her Copyright of Creation,

p. 4

The Lion & His Lioness & Baby, His & Her Arch Dynasty of Holy Time, His Tri-Divinity & Her Tri-Virginity, His & Her Arch Monarchy, His & Her Majesty Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Petersburgh

K.O.K., A.D. 1926, Mt. Africa, The Throne, Ethiopian Bible Owner


By Fitz Balintine Pettersburg


Scanned at, October 2004. J.B. Hare, redactor

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