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My dear inhabitants of this world, we are the foundation stones of the resurrection of the Kingdom of Ethiopia.

Our prayers and labour for your resurrection is past finding out. No Library in this world is able to contain the work of our hands for you.

For we work day and night for your Deliverance.

As for this generation of the 20th Century, you have no knowledge how worlds are built.

And upon what trigger Kingdoms are set.

In my Encyclopedia I will explain to you all, how worlds are being built and what triggers Kingdoms are set on.

I will also explain to you, the Capacities of generations.

Speaking for the Universe, and the Womanhood of Man, I the Ethiopian woman, is the Crown woman of the world.

Without any apology, to any mortal that was ever created by King Alpha and Omega.

I hand you my Rule Book from the poles of Supreme Authority.

p. 6


Kingston, Jamaica

B.W.I. Tropic of Cancer

July 15th 1925, A.D.

Rev Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh, King of Kings, Creator of Theocracy, and Biblical Sovreign. The Crown Head of Holy Time, A.B.C.--S.J.W.

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