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Chapter 33


Crown Law for Schools, Colleges, and Universities on earth.
His and Her Creative and Majestic Arch-Sovereigns King Alpha and Queen Omega, Pay Master of Creation. Revelation 22.
Chap 12-13 Verses. This Lesson, and these Lessons, are written by my own hand from my Circle Throne, at the Judgment Pole, December 12th 1925 A.D. 2000.

Special Explanation. His Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega are not Our Creator HIMSELF.
They are Our Creator's PAY MASTER and BOOK-KEEPER on the Train of Holy Time, and Keeper of the Most Holy Tree of Life.
Our Live Creator is, the Creator of Life, and Master of all. S.S.S.S.S.
Our Eternal Creator, is Creator and Owner of The Perfect Tree of Life.

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The Tri-Divinity, and Her Tri-Virginity King Alpha and Queen Omega, are Man and Wife, (commonly) called "Alpha and Omega" we are Black Peoples.

God called the First Man Alpha, and the Second Alphabet, And told us that we are (Omega). So The Trinity was IMMEDIATELY Created.
So WE USED, The Holy ALPHABET as Our Medium of Communication, that is why we are the Owner of Education, and First and Last, Communicator.. S.S.S.S.
Now Our First Names Alpha, and Her Alphabet, or Alpha and Omega is (Victory).

"Our Last Names, are on Our pay-roll." Revelation 22.C. 12-13 Verses.
His and Her Triumphant Virgin Dynasty.
Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh, Owner of Money Mint and Bible House and The Human Family.

Supreme Judge of Creation, and Arch Bishop of Holy Time.
Copyright Philosopher, Clergyman, Law-Giver. S.S.S.S Form of Christian Worship.

The Black Peoples Triumphant Baptist Assembly. No. 1. S.S.S.S. (Certified Married Officers).
The White Peoples Baptist Brotherhood. No. 2. S.S.S.S.

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