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p. 64

Chapter 40


My dear Ethiopia, Creation Vast, is now Ethiopian Triumphant Dynasty.
The Ethiopian is the CROWN HEAD of this Earth Field since Heaven and Earth has been BUILT by the Living God.
Thank and Praise the Ever Living God, as long as Eternal Ages Roll.
We are your Parents, His and Her Triumphant Dynasty, King Alpha and Queen Omega, the Keepers of The TREE OF LIFE.
We are not any family at all to Adam and Eve and Abraham and Isaac, and the Anglo-Saxon Slave-Owners.

For that is exactly how His Majesty King Noah the Black Monarch was DROWN at Antediluvia by Adam-Abraham, THE ANARCHY.
Judge Samson lost his TRIBUNAL and his life by marrying the Philistine white woman. See Judges 14, 15 & 16 Chapters.

See the Philistines Judges plotting out RIDDLES with the woman how to get him.

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