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p. 20

Chapter 8


Black Supremacy, The Church Triumphant is Perfect Baptism, K.A.Q.O.
We fully appreciate the Baptism of Black Supremacy, Our Triumph over white Supremacy, Our SLAVE MASTER.
His and Her Majesty KING ALPHA and QUEEN OMEGA The King of Kings, KNEW The Perfect Value of Holy Baptism UNDER Water, and they taught us how to appreciate The Power of Holy Baptism.
Now Ethiopia and Africa and Egypt and Vast Creation of Black Supremacy will plant their seeds on the Soil of Black Supremacy.
And we have no Pardon to beg white supremacy, no favors to ask her, for she is an ACKNOWLEDGE Deceiver.
From B.C. 4004 to A.D. Second Score, she faked all Christianity.
Black Supremacy The Church Triumphant have Denounced Her openly.
Baptism is a very important Subject to Black Supremacy . Ethiopia is a Baptized Dynasty.

Every Black Man and Woman is Black Supremacy, and must Rush his and her BAPTISM. His and Her Biblical Sovereign Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh, King of Kings.

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