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p. 19

Chapter 7


You will not plant your Obeah Self, with no Man or Woman, so that they cannot get RID of you until the Obeah ROTTEN.

SCIENCE, MY Dear Obeah King, your Black and white heart Obeah factory, is upside-down.
Take, this RANKIN Dose of Fatal deadly poison and leave for God Sake; do it quickly. (Supreme Law), K.A.Q.O.K.O.K.

You will not Bline, give big foot or sore, or turn any child ACROSS the Woman's Belly, and Kill her Baby when it is born, or any time after. You will not be there to GRUDGE or OBEAH or rob the people. Nor breed up the Young girls, and treat them like dogs.
Every good looking man's Wife you see, you want to cohabit with her, you rotten GUT SNAKE.
Anywhere a man put a Business, you go there to Kill and Drive Him away, you DEAD COLD HORSE.
This pole is Black Supremacy, King Alpha and Queen Omega.

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