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p. 18

Chapter 6


A Balm yard is not a Hospital
Neither is it an Obeah Shop
Peoples that is guilty of Obeah must not visit a Balm Yard Nor in the Assembly of Black Supremacy.

No admittance for Obeah dogs.
No admittance for FORTUNE-TELLERS and witch and Old Hige.

None whatever, no admittance for GHOST, WITCH, Lizards.

No admittance for Alligators, Snakes, PUSS, Crabs, Flies, Ants, Rats, and Mice, and LODESTONES, and Pins and Needles.
Jan-Crows, The Ravens, and Candles, and Fast Cups, and Rum Bottles, and Grave Yards are not REQUIRED.
People's Clothes, a beast HAIR, and FOWLS and Grave Dirt not wanted.

Eleven, the Woman's Baby will strive in HER BELLY, AND YOUR snake and Lizard will not be able to hurt HER.
For your Ghost will come right back to yourself.

For this is Ethiopia Balm Yard, and we do not have no leprosy.
For Ghost only visit the Lepers Home.
This poison is for ALL Bad Spirits, it is No. 666 it is good for the Pope of Rome and The Monarch of Hell's Bottom.

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