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p. 35

Chapter 20


John The Baptist wears The Monarch's GIRDLE about his loins.

And Jesus Christ wore the Supreme Swaddling, Both loins and head.

And we, Black Supremacy, wears them The Three ways.

First on Our heads The Royal Wrap, (12 yards) King of Kings.

The MONARCH'S GIRDLE, the first to the Skin, Through the Rectum on both legs, closely fitted and all around the waist. Both MALE and FEMALE for life, DAY AND NIGHT.
Ethiopia must do the Same for life, and Safe-Guard your Dynasty, and Black Supremacy, The Church Triumphant, K.A.Q.O.K.O.K.

I AND MY CREATOR ARE ONE in PURPOSE, as MY Boy Jesus said he and I are one, the True Vine, and I the Husband-MAN His Tri-Divinity and Queen Lula Pettersburgh, Her Tri-Virginity My Head and Pillow companion, K.A.Q.O.K.O.K.

This is Officially called the MONARCH CROWN WRAP. Place of Writing, from the THRONE World's Capital The Bible House in The Furnace ROOM.
January 10, 1926 A.D. 2000. (4 O.C.P.M.)

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