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Unity Church

The Unity Wings

These are the key writings of the Unity Church, a major New Thought movement. Most of the early writings of Charles Fillmore, the founder of Unity, are in the public domain in the US because they were not renewed in a timely fashion. The two books below published prior to 1923 are in the public domain in the US because of their date of publication. A search of the online copies of US copyright office records for this period showed no renewals for the rest of these works.

The bibliographic data for the listings below is speculative, based on a search of online library catalogs. I would appreciate any information about the edition which these etexts were created from, specifically the date of original publication.

 Lessons in Truth
by H. Emilie Cady [1894]
The author, a former homeopathic healer, planted the seeds of Unity in this late 19th century classic of New Thought exposition.

 Talks on Truth
by Charles Fillmore [1912]

 Christian Healing, The Science of Being
by Charles Fillmore [1926]

 Twelve Powers of Man
by Charles Fillmore [1930]

 Mysteries of Genesis
by Charles Fillmore [1936]

by Charles Fillmore [1936]

 Letters of Myrtle Fillmore
by Myrtle Fillmore [1936]

 Jesus Christ Heals
by Charles Fillmore [1939]

 Teach Us to Pray
by Charles Fillmore [1941]

 Mysteries of John
by Charles Fillmore [1946]

 Atom-Smashing Power of Mind
by Charles Fillmore [1949]

 Keep a True Lent
by Charles Fillmore [1953]

 The Revealing Word
by Charles Fillmore [1959]