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A certain person, an thou please (Priapus!).... [50]
A chough, a caries, an eld-worn grave.... [57]
A damsel drier than the raisin'd grape,.... [32]
A robber famed for greed exceeding wonder.... [92]
A she (than Hector's parent longer aged,.... [11]
A starveling stranger made me laughing-stock.... [71]
All the conditions (they say) Priapus made with the youngling.... [4]
Although with yard distent (Priapus!) weighted.... [80]
An fro' me woman shall thieve or plunder me man or a man-child,.... [21]
An I rustical seem to have spoken somewhat unlearned.... [68]
An thou pluck of this orchard fruit to my guarding committed.... [72]
An thou would fain go filled thou mayest devour our Priapus.... [94]
At holy offering to the Lustful GodThief, for first thieving shalt be swived, but an.... [34]
Aye in this prickle of ours the bonniest boon to be found is.... [17]
Bacchus often is wont with a moderate bunch to be sated.... [53]
Bailiff Aristagoras of his grapes high-pedigree'd boasting.... [42]
Bailiff of house whilom, now I of fieldlet the tiller.... [83]
Carved me no rustic boor his artless sickle a-plying.... [93]
Charged to my charge the fieldlet who shall dare.... [14]
Darkly might I to thee say: Oh give me for ever and ever.... [2]
Dodona is hallowed, Jupiter, to thee.... [77]
Dreadful wi' sickle and dire with thy greater part, O Priapus!.... [29]
E, D, an thou write, conjoining the two with a hyphen.... [54]
First a wild-fig-tree trunk was I, not useful as timber.... [95]
Form-charms in Mercury have might to please.... [39]
Hadst thou as many of apples as offers of verses (Priapus!).... [60]
Here has the bailiff, now of this plentiful garden the guardian,.... [23]
Here' Here! nor dare expect (whoe'er thou be).... [13]
Hie thee amid these vines whereof an thou gather a grape-bunch.... [30]
Hither, Quirites! (here what limit is?).... [25]
Ho girl! no whiter-skinned than Moorish man.... [46]
Ho thou, which hardly thy rapacious hand.... [52]
I am not hewèd of the fragile elm.... [91]
I thuswise fashioned I by rustic art.... [87]
In play, Priapus (thou canst testify).... [1]
Know that this crass coarse yard nor lengthens nor stands as becomes it.... [81]
Know, lest due warning be denied by thee.... [59]
Long as thy wanton hand to pluck refrain.... [31]
Matrons avoid this site, for your chaste breed.... [7]
Neither of garden nor of blessed vine.... [85]
Not to be moved am I; shouldst thou, Thief, venture on thieving.... [74]
Of vergers diligent guard (Priapus!), threat.... [73]
Oft in my speech one letter is lost; for Predicate always.... [6]
One than a goose's marrow softer far.... [64]
PEnelope's first syllable followed by firstling of DIdo.... [67]
Priapus! perish I an words obscene.... [28]
Rare as those apples wherewith Hippomenes Schoeneïs ravished.... [15]
Refrain from deeming all my sayings be.... [43]
Right through the middle of lads and of lasses a passage shall pierce.... [76]
Roses in spring in the autumn fruits and in summer they bring me.... [86]
Simply to thee I say whatever to say shall behove me.... [38]
Sleep, O ye watchdogs! safe, while aid in guarding the garden.... [62]
The Gods and Goddesses deny thy teeth.... [79]
These tablets, sacred to the Rigid God.... [3]
Thief, for first thieving shalt be swived, but an.... [35]
This grove to thee devote I give, Priapus!.... [89]
This place, O youths, I protect, nor less this turf-builded cottage.... [88]
This staff of office cut from tree as 'tis,.... [24]
This, with his snout aye alert to uproot the lilies a-blowing.... [65]
Tho' see you drenchèd wet that part of me.... [48]
Thou shalt be pedicate (lad!), thou also (lass!) shalt be rogered.... [12]
Thou too dost mock me, Thief! and the infamous.... [56]
Thou who with prickle affrightest men and passives with sickle!.... [90]
Thou, of unrighteous thought, that hardly canst.... [27]
Thou, who art 'customed to view around the walls of our temple.... [49]
Thou, who lest manly mark thy glances meet.... [66]
Though I be agèd now, though head and chin.... [78]
Though I be wooden Priapus (as thou see'st).... [5]
Thunders are under Jove; with the trident weaponed is Neptune.... [19]
'Tis not enough, my friends, I set my seat.... [63]
'Ware of my catching! If caught, with rod I never will harm thee.... [10]
We all show special notes of bodily shape:.... [36]
Wealth is my loss! Do thou vouchsafe lend aid to my prayer,.... [20]
Well-known darling of folk in the Circus Maximus far famed,.... [26]
What be this pother? For what cause suspects.... [51]
What hast thou, meddling watch, with me to do?.... [16]
What news be here? what send those angry gods?.... [84]
What shouldest say this spear (although I'm wooden) be wishing.... [44]
What then? Had Trojan yard Taenerian dame and her Cunnus.... [69]
Whatever thief shall trick my faith may he.... [58]
When the fig's honied sweet thy taste shall catch.... [70]
Whenas the Rigid God espied a wight.... [45]
While there is life 'tis fitting to hope, O rustical guardian!.... [82]
Who could believe my words? 'Tis shame to confess that the sickle.... [55]
Who of you people here shall come to sup.... [47]
Whoso comes hither shall a bard become.... [41]
Whoso of violets here shall pluck or rose,.... [22]
'Why be my parts obscene displayed without cover?' thou askest.... [8]
Why laugh such laughter, O most silly maid?.... [9]
Why on memorial tablet do they limn.... [37]
Why, cultivator, vainly moan to me.... [61]
Why, O ye pathic girls, with sidelong oglings observe me?.... [75]
Will ever Telethusa, posture-mime.... [18]
Wont the Priapi of old were to have both Naiads and Dryads.... [33]
Yon Telethusa befamed amid the damsels Suburran.... [40]