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To Priapus

Priape, quod sis fascino gravis tento,
quod exprobravit hanc tibi suo versu
poeta noster, erubescere hoc noli:
non es poeta sarcinosior nostro.

Although with yard distent (Priapus!) weighted
(Wherewith our poet did reprove thee here
In verse), on no wise deign thereat to blush;
Thou be not heavier than our poet hung.

Priapus, though thou mayst be weighty with turgid fascinum, albeit our poet in his verses has cast this in thy teeth, blush not for it. Thou art not more heavily hung than is that poet of ours.

[1. The word fossis (ditch) being plural in the original, Scaliger suggests that Labdace had been overworking both in anus and coynte.]

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