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At di deaeque dentibus tuis escam
negent, amicae cunnilinge vicinae,
per quem puella fortis ante nec mendax
et quae solebat impigro celer passu
ad nos venire, nunc misella landicae
vix posse iurat ambulare prae fossis.

The Gods and Goddesses deny thy teeth
A bait, a whetting, neighbour cunnilinge!
Thro' whom my girl (once strong and never false,
But with her swift untiring paces wont
To visit us), that hapless Labdacé,
Swears for her ditches she can hardly crawl.

But may the gods and goddesses deny nourishing food to thy teeth, O neighbouring cunnilinge, through whom my girl, hitherto strong and not false, and who was wont swiftly with untired step to hasten to me, now unfortunate Labdace swears that she can scarce drag her feet along by reason of her ditch.[1]

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