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Illusit mihi pauper inquilinus:
cum libum dederat molaque fusa,
quadrae partibus abditis in ignem,
sacro protinus hinc abit peracto.
vicini canis huc subinde venit
nidorem, puto, persecuta fumi,
quae libamine mentulae comeso
tota nocte mihi litat rigendo.
at vos amplius hoc loco cavete
quicquam ponere, ne famelicorum
ad me turba velit canum venire,
ne dum me colitis meumque numen,
custodes habeatis irrumatos.

A starveling stranger made me laughing-stock,
Bringing me cakes and spelt with salt bestrown;
Then, having scattered part upon the fire,
Forthright he hied him, duty duly done.
Hereat a neighbour's bitch incontinent comes--
Led by the savour of the smoke, I ween--
And gobbling all that offering to my yard
Atones by lusting through the livelong night.
But you, be wary of this place, nor give
More of like offerings lest of hungry hounds
A pack come hurrying here to visit me;
And, when you worship me and godhead mine,
Ye have your very guardians irrumate.

A stranger of small means has made me a laughing stock. He had offered up the libum [a cake], strown with spelt and mingled salt, and, having scattered portions on the fire, straightway departed hence, his offering finished. Thereupon comes hither a neighbour's dog, having, I dare say, made for the fumes of smoke; which animal, having devoured the whole of the libation to the mentule, makes atonement to me by its 'rigidity' through the whole night. But do ye be wary of making any more offerings on this spot lest a pack of starving hounds hasten towards me; and lest, in worshipping me and my power, ye have your custodians irrumated.[1]

[1. By such conduct the very watchdogs will be turned into thieves and punished as such by the god.]

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