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Naidas antiqui Dryadasque habuere Priapi,
   et quo tenta dei vena subiret, erat.
nunc adeo nihil est, adeo mea plena libido est,
   ut Nymphas omnis interiisse putem.
turpe quidem factu, sed ne tentigine rumpar,
   falce mihi posita fiet amica manus.

Wont the Priapi of old were to have both Naiads and Dryads
And the stiff vein of the God all had what causes to droop;
Now there's naught of the kind; now so fulfilled my desire is
Fain am I left to believe every Nymph to be dead.
Vile thing 'twere to be done, but lest I burst me with straining
Sickle unhanding I mistress must make of my hand.

Of old, the Priapi enjoyed the Naiads and Dryads, and there was the wherewithal to cause the swollen vein of the God to droop. Now there is naught of this; moreover, I am so full of desire that I think the whole of the Nymphs have perished. 'Tis doubtless an unseemly thing to do, but lest I burst with the excessive tension [of my member], my hand, the sickle laid aside, shall become my mistress.

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