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To Priapus

Contentus modico Bacchus solet esse racemo,
   cum capiant alti vix cita musta lacus,
magnaque fecundis cum messibus area desit,
   in Cereris crines una corona datur.
tu quoque, dive minor, maiorum exempla secutus,
   quamvis pauca damus, consule poma boni.

Bacchus often is wont with a moderate bunch to be sated,
When the deep brim-full vats hardly the must shall contain;
So when the threshing-floors all fail for the plentiful harvest
Ceres' ringlets to crown only one garland we bring.
Thou too, a minor god, example borrow from the major--
Though few apples we give, take thou our gift in good part.

Bacchus is wont to be content with a modest cluster from the vine, even when the deep vats can barely contain the must. And when the spacious threshing floors are insufficient for the rich harvest, in Ceres' locks a single garland is wreathed. Do thou also, less potent deity, guided by their greater example, although our offering be only a few apples, take it in good part.

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