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To Priapus

Vilicus aerari quondam, nunc cultor agelli
    haec tibi perspectus templa, Priape, dico.
Pro quibus officiis si fas est, sancte, paciscor,
    assiduus custos ruris ut esse velis.
Improbus ut si quis nostrum violarit agellum,
    hunc tu -- sed tento. Scis, puto, quod sequitur.

Bailiff of house whilom, now I of fieldlet the tiller;
Perspectus, these fanes give (O Priapus!) to thee.
So for such offices make I pact (if lawful, O Holy)
Thou of this farm shalt bide ever-assiduous guard.
And if a rogue come rob our field or venture to trespass
Him thou may'st--Hush! for I know whatso shall follow thou know'st.

Once a household steward, now the tiller of a little field, I, Perspectus, consecrate these temples to thee, O Priapus. For which kind offices I stipulate (if it be righteous, O holy one) that thou may'st be the assiduous protector of the farm; that if any dishonest fellow shall profane our little field, him thou mayst--But silence! I think thou know'st what follows behind.

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