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On a Cilician Thief

also by Marcus Valerius Martialis

Fur notae nimium rapacitatis
compilare Cilix uolebat hortum,
ingenti sed erat, Fabulle, in horto
praeter marmoreum nihil Priapum.
Dum non uolt uacua manu redire,
ipsum subripuit Cilix Priapum.

A robber famed for greed exceeding wonder
(Eke a Cilician) would this garden plunder;
Yet in its vasty space, Fabullus, naught
Save a Priapus stood in marble wrought
So the Cilician, who with hand sans pelf
Scornèd departing, stole Priapus' self.

A Cilician thief of but too notorious rapacity wished to rob a certain garden; but large as the garden was, O Fabullus, there was naught in it save a marble Priapus. Not desiring to go back empty-handed, the Cilician stole Priapus himself.

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