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On the Priapus of Hilarus

also by Marcus Valerius Martialis

Non rudis indocta fecit me falce colonus:
    dispensatoris nobile cernis opus.
Nam Caeretani cultor ditissimus agri
    hos Hilarus colles et iuga laeta tenet.
Aspice quam certo uidear non ligneus ore
    nec deuota focis inguinis arma geram,
sed mihi perpetua numquam moritura cupresso
    Phidiaca rigeat mentula digna manu.
Vicini, moneo, sanctum celebrate Priapum
    et bis septenis parcite iugeribus.

Carved me no rustic boor his artless sickle a-plying:
Here of the bailiff thou see'st noble and notable work;
For that the wealthiest swain who owns the lands Caërétan
(Hilarus) holds these hills sloping in sunniest folds.
See with my well-shaped face how seem I not to be wooden,
Nor do I bear belly-tools fitted for kitchen or fire:
Nay; my perpetual yard of cypress perishing never
Rises for ever and aye worthy the Phidian hand.
You, O ye neighbours, I warn to adore me, holy Priapus,
And to these acres twice seven show ye the highest respect.

No ignorant peasant shaped me with unskilful sickle: the noble handywork of the steward thou perceivest. For the most influential cultivator of the Caeretan lands, Hilarus, owns these hills and smiling slopes. Behold, with well-shaped features I do not seem to be wooden, nor belly-weapons devoted to the kitchen-fire do I bear; but my imperishable mentule of undying cypress, worthy the hand of Phidias, stiffly raises itself. Neighbours, I warn you, worship the sacred Priapus, and these fourteen acres respect.

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