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Priapus upon Himself

also by Marcus Valerius Martialis

Non sum de fragili dolatus ulmo,
nec quae stat rigida supina vena
de ligno mihi quolibet columna est,
sed viva generata de cupressu,
quae nec saecula centiens peracta
nec longae cariem timet senectae.
hanc tu, quisquis es o malus, timeto,
nam si vel minimos manu rapaci
hoc de palmite laeseris racemos,
nascetur, licet hoc velis negare,
inserta tibi ficus a cupressu.

I am not hewèd of the fragile elm
Nor is this post supine with rigid vein
Carved out of any wood thou please to take;
But 'tis engendered by live cypress-tree
Which fears nor hundred ages fully told
Nor the decaying of long, drawn-out eld.
Dread this (O evil one!) whoe'er thou be!
For an thou injure with thy greedy hand
The least of bunches by this vine-stock borne
Shall spring (howe'er thou may oppose) for thee
A fig-tree grafted from this cypress-stem.

I am not shaped from the fragile elm, nor is this column of mine which stands extended with rigid vein [made] from wood taken at random, but produced from the evergreen cypress which neither a hundred full-told generations nor the decay of a lengthy senility fears. This do thou, whoever thou mayst be, O ill-doer, dread; for if with greedy hand but the smallest dusters of grapes on this vine thou dost injure, there shall be born on thee, however much thou mayst wish to oppose it, a fig tree grafted from this cypress.

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