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Additional Epigrams


To Priapus

by Marcus Valerius Martialis

Tu qui pene viros terres et falce cinaedos,
    iugera sepositi pauca tuere soli.
sic tua non intrent vetuli pomaria fures
    sed puer et longis pulchra puella comis.

Thou who with prickle affrightest men and passives with sickle!
Of the secluded spot deign the few acres to guard;
So may the veteran thieves ne'er force their way to thine orchards;
Only come lad or lass lovely with longest of locks.

Thou who with penis men dost terrify, and with sickle catamites, the acres few of this secluded spot protect. So in thine orchards may enter no aged thieves, but only boy or handsome girl, long-haired.

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