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Penelopes primam Didonis prima sequatur
   et primam Cadmi syllaba prima Remi,
quodque fit ex illis, mihi tu deprensus in horto,
   fur, dabis: hac poena culpa luenda tua est.

PEnelope's first syllable followed by firstling of DIdo
Take, and of CAmus--the front also of REmus the head.
Whatso thou makest of these unto me when caught in my orchard
Thief thou shalt give, such pain shall for thy thieving atone.

Let the first syllable of PEnelope be followed by the first of DIdo, the first of CAmus by that of REmus.[1] What is made from these thou to me, when caught in my garden, O thief, shalt give; by this punishment thy fault is atoned for.

[1. PE-DI-CA-RE--pedicare, meaning to sodomise.]

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