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The Planet Mars and its Inhabitants

By Eros Urides (A Martian)

written down and edited by J.L. Kennon.


Title Page
Chapter I: The Planet Mars And Its Inhabitants
Chapter II. Population Centers, Temperature, Climate
Chapter III: The Martian Canal System
Chapter IV: Planetary Economy
Chapter V: Property And Property Rights
Chapter VI: Distribution Of Commodities
Chapter VII: Clairvoyant Visions Of Mars
Chapter VIII: Knowledge Of God Comes From Within
Chapter IX: Mars Has No Political System
Chapter X: Mars Is Ruled By Love
Chaper XI: Education And Training Of The Individual
Chapter XII: Education And Training Of The Individual, Vocational Determination, School Age, Marriage And Science (Continued)
Chapter XIII: Music An Expression Of The Father
Chapter XIV:
Chapter XV: Life An Attribute Of The Entire Universe. The Planet Jupiter
Chapter XVI: The Risen Christ
Chapter XVII: Physical Environment The Result Of Spiritual Causes
Chapter XVIII: Material Life A Lesson
Chapter XIX:
Chapter XX: Art
Chapter XI: Scientific Sophistry