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It was Eros Urides, the real Martian behind the scenes, who dictated the contents of this book through the medium to Mr. Kennon. It was further stated that "The medium was held in trance for short periods only, as the medium must necessarily experience the atmosphere of Mars which is more rarified than that of your Earth." Writes also that the medium seemed to have some difficulty, and at first pain in breathing while in the trance condition.

Mr. Kennon also wrote in his foreword of the original book that it was not until January 4, 1920, it was decided to write the book in which the Planet Mars, its people, its form of government, its Art, Industries, Philosophy of life, etc. would for the first time in the history of this world be given.

It appears that Jesus the Christed One of God visited the planets of our Solar system, the planet Mars being one of those visited and investigated. And, as a proof of this it was Jesus Christ who functioned as chairman or presidentat the great Peace Conference held in the vast coliseum on the first sphere of the Heavens of our Earth. That was in the year 1912, as fully reported in "World of Tomorrow," page 98. It was at that conference He stated that Universal Peace must be speeded up, as there were other planets to be investigated: and that the Earth stood in the way and was becoming a menace to neighboring planets.

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