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"And now abideth Faith, Hope and Love: these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE." Paul to the Corinthians.


This law is not written in a code for the guidance of the people.

It is graven in the hearts of the inhabitants, and is reflected in the countenance of every individual.

This law is the incentive before the entire population and urges each individual onward to the completion of the task before him.

There are no rulers to bow before: neither is anyone better than his brother. There is no evil, for all are good: all are equal. God endows every individual expression of life with the Divine Heritage of a pure soul. It is the individual's concern to keep this heavenly gift unstained in its descent into matter. The love force of the Spirit is the potent agent that does this for the individual when allowed to permeate and radiate the entire being. When individuals have learned to bathe their innermost beings in the Father's love, then it must follow that a nation made up of such individuals will be governed only by such precepts as are evolved from this dominating Love-force.

It is of no import to the individual on this planet what his particular task may be, for all work is for the Father; and the humblest vocation (humbler from the point of view of the dwellers on your Earth) is as important and as honorable as the highest. MARS IS RULED BY LOVE, which is in accordance with the Divine Intent. It is the desire of the Father that every world in limitless space inhabited by His children be ruled by that Divine Principle. For when Love is the supreme law of a world, as it is of the Universe, there is no need of a system of complex laws and a horde of judicial officers to interpret and enforce them.

When Love enters into the life of a community selfishness makes its exit: misery becomes a stranger and pain and sickness vanish.

From the cradle to transition the Martian is dominated by Love and guided by the Father's will. The result of this Love-rule is individual and communal happiness. But above all, a Spiritual progress that unfolds the individual in accordance with the Cosmic Intent.

To die, in the sense of passing out of one's physical environment, is the destiny of every created being. Hence, in that sense, death exists on Mars as it does on your Earth. But the real death referred to by Christ: a Spiritual death imposed on man by his fall from Grace, a penalty for having forgotten God, is unknown on this planet Mars. We are in harmony with the Father. Those who are spiritually dead are cut off from the Father as a result of their indifference and ignorance of Spiritual Truth.

The religion of the Martian may be expressed in two thoughts: "LOVE" and "THY WILL BE DONE, NOT MINE." The true definition of Religion is a "RULE OF LIFE," and as our lives are guided entirely by Love and the Father's Will. WE HAVE A RELIGION.

You, on your Earth, have created a Religion to satisfy your conventionalities. Truth is simple, but you have made it intricate. It is free, yet you buy it from the would-be disciples. Both you and we must approach Him in simple faith: "Unless ye become as little children ye cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

Speaking of children, I desire to give expression to a thought that may appear to be outside the subject: it is this: The beauty and simplicity of youth is wonderful, and to be admired by all: but in the sight of the Heavenly Father, and those who have progressed to higher realms, it is not so wonderful as those older characters who have waded the marshes of life, as it were, and who have trod the dirty steps without losing faith.

This is to encourage those who sometimes think when they look back on their lives that all is dark. Their strength is being tried in the darkness. Therefore their courage and faith is so much more.

We who are giving you these messages have passed beyond the stage you are in, and do not have to be tried on every hand. We look upon you who are struggling through the pitfalls created by your false systems with pity, knowing how great your trials are. Do not think that because we have gone on to higher planes of life that we are out of sympathy with you. The more we bask in the sunshine of Love the more tender we become to those in the shadow. And if you would only realize how strong you are, with the Father's love and His real consideration for you, you would try so much harder to better your condition by meeting His Love with Love.

We of Mars have learnt to keep the right pictures before the minds of our youth that they may not be so sorely tried, but on your planet you have not even the beginning of a system whereby there could be kept continually before the minds of your children the real goal to be striven for. I make exception of the few homes on your planet where the parents are in spiritual growth, but these homes are not ideal--just a beginning of Idealism. But they are better far than the masses in their home conditions on your planet.

Now, we are ready to do all we can towards stimulating the living of the Christ-life among all souls in the Universe when it can be so arranged: but it will take aeons of time on some planets, and many decades on yours before we can scientifically teach you. To be sure, we are giving you all we can for this book, but it will not be universally accepted, although it will bring great joy to those who have faith.

If you can keep some of the pictures we are giving you of the wonderful happiness we possess it will help you in the sordidness of your own life. Picture beautiful things and your heart must be beautiful. Strive with all your mind to hold beautiful thoughts, for it is well worth your every effort towards faith.

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