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The people of Mars have a spoken and written language, but not so filled with complexities as yours, for the reason that owing to the high development of the mental faculties thoughts are almost as audible as words. Hence, converse between individuals on our planet is not altogether a series of vocal ejaculations. On the contrary, among the older members of the race, communication between individuals is in some cases audibly imperceptible.

Printed books are used, but mostly for the very young, as information is usually transmitted impressionally.

Education on Mars begins at the mother's knee. The first knowledge imparted to the young is Spiritual. The first lessons given to the child are: One's absolute dependence on God, and that the few years before the individual are but an unfoldment, or an individualizing of the entity into a separate and distinct unit.

The Spiritual lessons are amplified as the child grows and grasps these truths. This procedure continues until the pupil is ready to enter an institution of learning.


The primary education consists, as already said, in lessons on the necessity of expressing God in our lives in truth and righteousness in order that the mind of the individual be so moulded and fashioned that absolute faith is placed in God's promises through the Master, Christ.

The keynote to the education of the individual is that one must first seek God's Kingdom, and that all knowledge and wisdom, which is the Divine Heritage of all, will be easily attained: and that coming into a knowledge of God means health, happiness and wisdom.

After the individual has grasped the primary lessons, which result in an unfoldment of the spirit within, he is then sent to a school; but a school system different from anything you have on your Earth. The task of the teacher is, not to teach knowledge but to assist in bringing out what is already latent in the soul, rather than a set routine, for every individual is considered a master in some line of thought and activity. The pupil is led into knowledge instead of being taught directly.

The individual is left to his own tastes and volition. The harmony of music of God's laws, which embrace Astronomy, Physics and of Life, together with a knowledge of the laws of Electricity, is especially brought to the attention of the individual. You of the Earth know as yet very little concerning the true nature of Electricity. Your methods of handling and generating this wonderful force are crude indeed, by comparison with the deep knowledge attained on Mars with the subject.

And so with the study and development of the Harmony of Music, we of Mars have developed a high spiritual sense, and are able to hear and see many intermediate degrees of vibration that do not exist at all for you. Of course there are some exceptions among the few of your Earth who, after having striven hard for light have been favored by God's angels in the development of a higher Spirituality.

Our teachers are guides who look after their charges in an atmosphere of Love and, as a result, right conceptions of Truth are acquired by the pupil.

Thought is the expression or fruit of the Spirit, and Martian children are never allowed to forget their Spiritual growth. As a consequence of this they are easily led into true knowledge, and having a broad vision are able to see all things in their true relations. They begin at the cause and work towards the effect, which is the opposite of your system.

No set rules of discipline are used in the schools. Indeed they are not necessary for the reason that the one ideal: the one goal impressed on the mind of the pupil is the complete expression of the Father Within, for to express the Father is to have perfect life, life in abundance.

Concentration of mind, economy of time and energy are studied and learned by the child in the early part of his career.

Astronomy on our planet offers an ideal field in seeking an understanding of the reign of immutable law through the Infinite Universe of God, and owing to the clear rarified atmosphere of Mars, unusual opportunity is presented to students in visual observations of the Heavens.

Entire classes of advanced students, accompanied by their teacher guides repair to the open at night when the canopy of God's Heavens is ablaze with scintillating points of light. The different constellations as viewed from our planet present the same general appearance as to configuration as they do to the dwellers on your Earth; but the view is decidedly more vivid by reason of a more advantageous viewpoint.

The so-called Superior planets, such as Saturn, Jupiter, some of the larger asteroids, and Uranus and Neptune, are nearer to Mars than to Earth, and for that reason are more easily discerned from this vantage point. Some of the satellites of Jupiter are easily seen with the naked eye.

Your Earth appears to us about as Jupiter does to you, and with our observing instruments we are able to see your continent and oceans when not covered by a cloud canopy.

As to the so-called Inferior planets Venus and Mercury, the former presents the appearance of a star of the first magnitude, but being so near the sun it is only visible an hour before or after sunset, depending upon its position. But Mercury, being so near the Solar Orb, it is rarely its position is favorable for observation from our planet, and then only with our more perfect telescopes.

Our students view the phenomena of eclipses of the sun and our planet with the greatest interest, just as your astronomers do.

Mars' two moons present what would appear to you a most striking phenomenon, for one rises in the East and the other in the West, passing each other at times within view of observers. The most distant satellite of Mars is known to us as Laster, to which has been given the name of Deimos by the first observers on your Earth. Approximately 132 hours elapse between its rising and setting at any particular point on our planet, as a consequence of the fact that it revolves in 30 hours 18 minutes at a distance of 14,600 miles more or less from its primary; and as Mars rotates in 24 hours 37 minutes from East to West the motion is almost neutralized by the circulation of this satellite.

During the time of its rotation it changes four times from full to new and new to full. The appearance of this satellite to the Martians is equal, if not a little brighter than the view of Jupiter from your Earth.

The second satellite, known to us as Benii, and to your astronomers as Phobos, sheds considerable amount of light on the Martian landscape by means of its large size and close proximity, being distant about 3,700 miles from the surface of Mars. This satellite is shut out from view beyond 69 degrees latitude by reason of the curvature of its primary. Its period is 7 hours and 30 minutes--less than one-third the time of the rotation of Mars. It rises in the West and courses across the Heavens in 11 hours, during which time it undergoes one entire cycle of its phases and gets through half another. Its disc appears to us as a little more than half of the moon's disc on your Earth at full appears to you.

The realm of Physics presents another interesting study to the Martian student. We have advanced to the study of Nature's laws to a point which would appear to your understanding most incomprehensible. Long ago we mastered the knowledge of the method of releasing Interatomic Energy, 2 a knowledge which in the brain of an unscrupulous person would be most disastrous, not only to himself but to those about him. The energy locked up in an atom of matter is tremendous, and the release of this power is only a matter of knowing the law. The inhabitants of your world will have to bide a long time before the key that will release this giant is placed within their reach.

Not until you have eliminated your inherent selfishness; not before you have learnt the lesson as Christ taught it will you be permitted to harness one of the mightiest forces in the universe, a force equally as great for evil as it is for good. This knowledge we have, and we have utilized it in the construction and building of our mighty planetary projects.

This Interatomic Energy is the source of the sun's continuous heat. If it were combustion the Solar orb would have burnt itself out ages ago. All your theories to account for the continuity of solar radiation are in error. The release of Interatomic Energy in the sun at a definite rate is the reason why its heat never increases or diminishes though millions of years come and go in endless procession.

And this process is not the working of a blind, senseless force, some of your scientists would have you believe, but the Creator: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent is the Dominator: the Directing Intelligence, who sees to it that all is provided for His children.

On your Earth you have thus far discovered some 85 elements. In order to complete the list of 92, to conform to the so-called Periodic Table, there are yet seven elements to be found by your scientists. On Mars the most elementary school pupil is well informed on the subject, and has knowledge of the complete list among the new elements yet to be discovered by your chemists, and which exist in appreciable quantities on your Earth, is one which has the peculiar property of neutralizing Gravity.

This neutralizing is accomplished by screening off the gravitational pull when interposed between the Earth and the matter sought to be made immune from the attraction, just as you would insulate against the flow of electricity by interposing a non-conductor between two conducting metals.

The knowledge and use of this element on Mars has been utilized in the solution of our transportation problem. Instead of cumbersome railroads consuming energy at a great loss, we use an almost perfect flying or floating ship. It is made buoyant by being screened from the gravitational pull of the planet. 3

Another subject of importance, that takes no little time to understand by the Martian student is the part played by the planet's satellites in the generation of Electro-Magnetic energy. The sun together with its circulating family of planets is a huge Electric motor, so a planet and its satellites are minor generators of Electric energy. Satellites have a higher importance and necessity than the mere creation of moonshine.

All the planets have their satellites, although your astronomers have not yet discovered any in the case of Mercury and Venus. The latter planet has a satellite whose distance is so close to its primary that its presence is lost in the intense reflection of light caused by Venus' cloudy atmosphere, which is much denser than that of your Earth. In the case of Mercury, owing to its extremely close proximity to the sun, its satellite probably never will be seen by observers on your Earth, as it is lost in the intense brilliance cast by the Solar Orb on this planet.


:2 The Popular Science Monthly, May, 1920, printed the following--"Sir Oliver Lodge thinks that man is not yet civilized enough to use the energy hidden in ordinary matter. The time will come when atomic energy will take the place of coal as a source of power." The man who spoke thus before the Royal Society of Arts in London was Sir Oliver Lodge--one of the towering figures in modern science, a man who has devoted the better part of his life to the study and interpretation of the atom. This new form of energy, which our great-grandchildren may utilize instead of oil and coal, has possibilities so appalling that Sir Oliver almost rejoices that we do not know how to release it. I hope that the human race will not discover how to use this energy, he says, until it has brains and morality enough to use it properly, because if the discovery is made by the wrong people this planet would be unsafe. A force utterly disproportionate to the present source of Power would be placed at the disposal of the world."

NOTE (By the Editor in 1920) --This article was published more than two months after the revelation above was received, but is another striking confirmation of the truth of these revelations.

:3 In the February issue of the "Electrical Experimenter," (1920) which was published about a month after this information was received by revelation, the following article appeared--another startling confirmation of the truth contained herein, and points to the possibility that whatever is possible on one planet, is also possible on another, depending upon that planet's type of civilization and real knowledge, not superficial theory:

"Recently a cable dispatch from Rome brought the announcement that Prof. Maiorana discovered that lead balls swimming on a pool of mercury lost a certain amount of weight. It was explained that the weight was lost due to a screening effect which the mercury produced on the lead balls. In other words, mercury acts as a sort of insulator against the earth's gravitational waves. For gravitation certainly is propagated the same as other forms of energy, i.e., in wave form. Prof. T. J. See, famous investigator of Mare Island, California, in an address before the California Academy of Sciences, announced recently that his researches on gravitation in 1917 and his latest researches on molecular forces confirmed Maiorana's claim that the screening of gravitation has been shown to exist. In 1917, says Professor See, 'I explained the fluctuation of the Moon's main motion by the circular refraction of the sun's gravitation waves, as they are propagated through the solid body of our earth at the time of lunar eclipses.'

"'I found also from dealings with capillary forces that quicksilver is indeed very resistant to the waves which produce molecular action, and this developed a new theory of the depression of the mercury in capillary tubes. This would tend to confirm Maiorana's claim that a basin of mercury beneath a suspended mass of lead may decrease the gravitation of the lead by a small amount. My researches on ether show conclusively that gravitation is due to waves in the ether, and certain very resistant bodies in the line of action may thus introduce a slight screening effect.'

"This reasoning opens up new avenues of thought of what may be accomplished in the future when we have found a perfect screen against gravitation."

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