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When Love rules a community of people there is no need of administrative bureaus for the regulation of the lives of the inhabitants who make up the population of a planet. For the same reason Mars has no gubernatorial or political administrative center.

This announcement may, in a measure, be a disappointment to many readers who have imagined that no considerable number of human beings could live and prosper without the aid and guidance of a complex administrative system such as you have on your Earth.

Bureaucracy and autocracy are evils resulting from an undeveloped civilization, and have no place in a community where selfishness has been eliminated.

When each individual of a vast population, such as that of Mars, is actuated and guided by the Light Within there is no need for a horde of political parasites to direct the destinies of the race. This lack of an administrative system on Mars also applies to its industrial and economic side. The law of supply and demand determines just how many factories there should be, and just what output is necessary for a given period. But it must be remembered that the law of supply and demand on our planet has no relation to a competitive system such as yours, for we have no competitor, a fact that will be impressed elsewhere in this book.

It is true that certain of our people who have been specially singled out by the dominating influence of the Invisible World are occasionally appealed to by those in doubt as to what is best for their individual welfare, or the welfare of the community at large, to act in advisory capacities. These are the Spiritual Advisers of the planet, and are really God's prophets. There was a time when your race was guided by similar individuals, as is evidenced from mention of them in your sacred Scriptures. But their usefulness was lost when man on your Earth forgot God.

It was then that man mistrusted the Light Within, and disregarded the unwritten laws graven in the soul by the Creator. He clamored for a Code of Laws and received them (through Moses). His next downward step was taken when he admitted it was necessary to have interpreters of the Law: for if the spirit of the Law had been kept there would have been no misunderstanding or juggling of the letter.

Soon there was so much of this turning and twisting to suit man's growing selfishness, that there was need for someone in authority over all the interpreters, whose word should be final. So your people cried aloud for Kings. And you have them, and your law has grown to immense proportions, as have also the clever sins of your selfishness. WHERE THERE IS NO SIN THERE IS NO NEED OF LAWS; FOR THE RIGHTEOUS MAN IS A LAW UNTO HIMSELF.

It must not be imagined that because of the lack of a political system on Mars, such as you deem necessary on your Earth, that all is chaos and life a sort of happy-go-lucky existence. On the contrary, the Martian existence is controlled by the acme of system, which is in accordance with the law of Divine Harmony. A system from which has been eliminated all the useless wheels which so clog up your lives and make your progress slow indeed.

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