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THE RISEN CHRIST Easter Sunday, April 4, 1920

Your Earth's inhabitants are celebrating today the Resurrection of your Savior--by gratifying the desires of Self.

We of Mars do not have such events to commemorate for we never crucified Him. We opened the door to His wonderful Truth.

Not one of your Earth's inhabitants can perform the miracles Christ did, but we can. Our leaders, who are our advisers, guides and Spiritual teachers are Christlike men who can do all the works that Christ and His disciples did. He said. "These signs do follow them that believe," and we have never stopped believing.

Your condition is pitiful. There is nothing but darkness between you and the Truth Christ tried to give you. Christ is only an idea on your planet and not a reality in the hearts of your people. Their whole thought, for weeks past, has been devoted to their personal adornment, and in preparing festivals for this occasion.

In your churches, where they seem to observe the period of Christ's suffering, it is only a form. They go through their vain repetition of prayers, that have no soul in them, and your six weeks of so-called Lent is only a mockery of its real significance.

If you would live the Christ life you would not crucify Him daily in the flesh, but would come to that consciousness that He is risen in your soul. You are continually crucifying Christ all over your planet in the same way that you crucified Jesus Christ, for you either deny Him or pervert His Truth to suit your selfishness.

All of the people on Mars have lived on other planets before, except your Earth. The Earth has not advanced enough to be placed in the line of progression yet. However, the time is near when you will experience that progression. It will be after you are high enough spiritually to receive word from the Martians through mediums. This work evidences the fact that you are beginning that experience now. Take hope, for after the obscure darkness must come the dawn. Your whole Earth is now in terrible travail, but the result will be the birth of the new Christ Spirit.

You get glimpses now and then of the real Christ Life, but do you, or can you realize what life on a planet is like when all the inhabitants live the Christ Life every day? That is why we have the wonderful manifestations of the Father's Love in our intricate and delicate mechanisms, and in our utilization of Cosmic Energy. It is thus that we receive the Father's wondrous gifts. But Mars never became what it is until God purified it by His Son's example, and we accepted Him as our Savior WITHOUT MURDER. Your planet damned itself to many bloody aeons by the rejection of Him, and your Religion has been blood, blood, blood! In your last five years you have been given enough blood to drown all the martyrs you have given to your bloody god.

Your planet is in slavery. You are slaves to your conventionalities. They are like shackles on your souls: like bands of iron. And yet you cling to them until it seems you do not want freedom.

It is only Truth that will free you; and as long as you cling to false ideals and sham systems you must expect to be slaves.

Pin your faith not in material money, but in Spiritual Wealth. "Take no heed of the morrow." Be of good cheer. MAKE WIDE THE OPENING TO THE SPIRIT! HE WILL ENTER!

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