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LIFE IS AN ATTRIBUTE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Go forth on a moonless night and behold the firmament emblazoned with its myriad of scintillating stars, solar orbs, nebulae, world-systems in the making: the galactic circle, a jeweled band athwart the canopy of Heaven; a seething maelstrom of Light: countless suns in space all expressing the one reality, OMNISCIENCE.

Only presumptuous man can question the Divine Intent in the creation of the Infinite number of giant suns, stupendous worldwide systems, and place his particular world-unit at the center of the Cosmos.

Man contemplates this handiwork of God as a mere adjunct (more ornamental than useful) to his terrestrial environment, conceitedly thinking that the Father's only consideration is centered about himself.

As these life-giving orbs are countless in number, their orbits extending as they do to Infinity in all directions, so is it with the habitable worlds in space. Some there are where life is not yet possible: worlds not yet far removed from their primitive state: not long since condensed from fire mist: others where life has just begun: others on whose surfaces live teeming millions of God's creatures, just as you live and others have lived before you. And there are other worlds whose life-cycle has been run; where intelligent life has ceased: where world-disintegration has set in. For this is in accordance with the universal law of Growth and Decay--a law that exempts neither the one-celled amoeba, nor the complex Solar system whirling yonder in Infinite space.

For all that comes from the Father into material expression must some day revert to its primordial state.

You have thus far received much concerning the idealistic conditions on Mars, whose planetary career is now reaching the zenith of its Cosmic cycle, and whose denizens have progressed to a degree of Divine unfoldment not yet attained by many worlds.

It is necessary that you now receive some information relating to one of the less-advanced planets belonging to the family of our sun, in order you may be able to learn by contrast something of the wonders of God's work.

JUPITER, owing to its prodigious size, being nearly eleven times larger than your Earth, but whose density is proportionately less, might well be styled the Master Planet of our system.

Jupiter is well blessed with satellites, having eight, a description of which is not necessary at this time. This planet is in what might be styled its primary evolutionary stage where life has just begun. This life has not evolved beyond the unicellular, or amoebic stage; and it will be only after the lapse of a long period of time, measured in Geological units, when more complex organisms will appear: and many of these periods will come and go before this planet's surface will have attained a proper development for the propagation of intelligences capable of being classed with the denizens of your Earth.

Long before that age arrives Jupiter's surface and atmosphere will undergo a tremendous change. Mighty planetary cataclysms will raise new mountain ranges; new continents will appear, and the present land surfaces on this planet will sink, to be covered with slime and water, to rise again in the centuries to come, for the Father's love and solicitude will provide, as it has in the case of all His Celestial Creations, a bountiful supply of stored-up radiant energy, such as coal and petroleum, and other elements, for the comfort of those who will inhabit this giant among the worlds of this system in time to come.

Jupiter still retains much of its internal heat, which gives this planet a very high mean temperature. Its atmosphere is still very dense, and owing to the very rapid evaporation of water due to the extreme heat a constant cloud canopy covers its surface, which only dissipates occasionally in a slight degree, at which times only the sun penetrates to the surface of the globe. By reason of the constant thick cloud canopy over the surface of Jupiter the planet is enveloped in deep gloom and darkness. As radiation is arrested to a marked degree by the clouds and atmosphere the temperature is very humid as well as hot. In this steam environment grow forests of fern and fungus-like trees and rank vegetal growths which will in the course of time be preserved as coal for the races destined to inhabit this planet. This vegetal growth is a flora that knows not bloom or seed, but is propagated by root and spores, a flora most primitive in type, but which will in time evolve through the law of mutation and adaptation into a diversified and useful vegetal kingdom for the races yet to come on the planet.

Owing to the tremendous gravitational pull on Jupiter present organisms are, and future ones will be evolved along specially modified lines, in order that they may encompass the least possible volume, just as the denizens of the extreme depths of your oceans have evolved. The modification is necessary that organisms mat be able to function on a planet where the difference in gravity is as one to three compared with your Earth. In other words a minimum density is necessary to produce maximum lightness.

As there is no lesser or greater in the economy of Nature (Nature is God Manifest), the most infinitesimal mote in the universe is as perfect within itself as is the most gigantic sun. Size is but relative. The anatomy of the midget is as perfect and complex as is that of the mammoth, and so there exist in the universe inhabited worlds that are relatively very small.

Circulating around the sun in orbits between Mars and Jupiter are numerous small planets or asteroids. One in particular, which is known to your astronomers as Vesta, is encompassed by an atmosphere and is inhabited by diminutive people and a correspondingly diminutive fauna and flora. The diameter of Vesta is about 500 miles, although your astronomers give its size, erroneously, as much smaller.

While the subject of these discourses is mainly Spiritual you are getting many scientific facts, and although not a volume of them you are getting a proper understanding of the Cosmos.

The universe with all its suns and planets is analogous to a perfect watch. Each sun and planet moves over a prescribed orbit in a given time mathematically proportional to the movements of all the other celestial bodies, just as the geared wheels of the watch conform to their prescribed movements. The celestial bodies are seemingly actuated by invisible gears and are held rigidly in their proper places by a mighty force whose power is incalculable. This is evidenced by the fact that all celestial bodies conform to that inexorable law, Divine Harmony.

That all planets describe equal areas in the same time in their ceaseless journeyings, and that the square of the time of their periods is as the cube of their distance from their common centers, is an exemplification of the reign of God's harmonious laws.

You must remember that Empirical knowledge is but a perverted view of Truth. All the fleeting things of life are but dross: their apparent reality an illusion. Material life is but a projection from the Cause world into the Effect world. Man is but a reflection of a reality that transcends his material vision.

You are on the threshold of a great awakening on your planet, which is yet in great darkness, but the dawn of a better day is nigh. Christ is coming into His Kingdom, which must be in the hearts of the people. His Second Coming means that He will come into your lives with the Power of the Spirit. This can only become possible through an awakened understanding of Spiritual laws. Although man on your Earth is in great darkness it is not the darkness of Jupiter, which planet must undergo many changes before it reaches your evolutionary stage.

COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PLANETS in our system and your Earth will be realized in a short time, and the INITIAL MESSAGE WILL BE FROM MARS. This event will herald A NEW ERA for the people of your Earth, for it will be an important factor in the BREAKING DOWN OF THE MEDIEVAL DOGMATISM of the past, A NARROW-MINDED THEOLOGY built upon a perverted corruption of God's limitless universe: a universe narrowed down to your Earth and the inhabitants thereof.

Man's presumptuousness and sophistry is in direct ratio to his ignorance, and that is one reason why materialism holds sway among a majority of your so-called learned scientists and the people generally. But the materialism of the masses is not so degenerating and destructive as the impossible dogmas entertained by your numerous sects WHO HAVE MADE GOD, WHO IS INFINITE LOVE, AN ANTHROPOMORPHIC MONSTER. These dogmas are priestly inventions created to frighten God's children; to make of man, created after the image of God a crawling, servile creature, instead of what he really should be, the highest manifestation of the Divine, the culmination of God's handiwork.

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