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"For they have sown the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind." (Hosea, 8:7)

The Creator and Dominator of the entire Universe is DIVINE MENTALITY.

The only real actuality that confronts sentient beings is MIND. We are born, live and have our being amidst physical surroundings that in final analysis are mere illusions. This idea is not new.

It forms the base of most systems of philosophy from the dawn of civilization to the present day.

Our physical environment is the result of our mental attitude. Mars is blessed with a climatic tranquility that would surpass the understanding of an Earth dweller. But this was not always so.

In proportion to the spiritual unfoldment of the inhabitants of a planet so is the degree of climatic tranquility enjoyed by them. This may, at first reading, appear far-fetched, but it is true nevertheless.

Those who live on a material plane are immersed in the Effect world. The dominating and primary influence that gives rise to all material phenomena have their inception in the Cause world--the world of Spirit. Hence the turbulence of the elements originate, through the law of Vibration, deep down in the mentalities of those who make up the population of a planet. Cloudbursts, severe wind storms and other disturbances of Nature are all adjuncts of the spirit of war and rapine.

When a race has discarded the pursuit of false ideals and comes into harmony with the Father then there occurs a corresponding change in its physical environment by reason of the vibratory influences at work. These influences have their inception in the mentalities of sentient beings who are doing the Father's work in the advancement of the races of men throughout the entire physical universe.

This same vibratory law is at work throughout all physical planes, and a knowledge of this law was referred to by Christ when He said: "THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU."

On Mars, owing to the high spiritual state of its inhabitants, who are in harmony with their Creator, climatic conditions are, compared with your world, most perfect. However, there was a time, measured in terms of your millions of years, when the elements on Mars were as agitated and capricious as they are today on your blood-stained globe. That was before man on Mars had enfolded spiritually,

As the Martians progressed and unfolded spiritually there occurred a subsidence in the roughness of the elements: and today our planet is blessed with a tranquility proportionate to the high Mental state of its inhabitants.

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