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At the expense of what may appear as painful reiteration it is my desire to impress upon the readers of this book this Truth: Material life is necessary to unfold character, to develop the real self, the Divine part in man: the only principle that endures forever.

There is a lesson in every phase of work, in every joy, in every sorrow. That lesson is LOVE. Until you have fully realized this truth you will not become full heirs in the Kingdom of God. "He that loveth is born of God."

Christ taught that the Kingdom was not of your Earth, and that all material things are transitory and would ultimately vanish like mist.

The story of Mars is a lesson to you as to what may be accomplished towards a more harmonious relation with the Father: towards a truer realization of God's real Kingdom. But in any event you should not idolize the Mars people, for the Father's Kingdom is more perfect. Mars' idealism is only a degree in the progress in the Cosmic Family of worlds. The soul must really strive for a higher goal.

The Martians, after ages of time, have mastered their natural passions in suppressing self, but they have other heights to scale. But he who conquers a sordid environment; he who rises from a black pool of iniquity; he who finds the Father's Kingdom amidst an uncompromising warfare with sin deserves more credit than he who is favored by circumstances of birth with more congenial surroundings and a higher Spiritual environment.

You must remember that the individual on Mars, although living amidst an idealism, is beset with problems of life also. Our problems are more subtle and of a very different character than you are accustomed to deal with. Every plane of life has its complexities. If this were not so, the stimulus for growth would be weak indeed. Your most apparent problems are material only to your understanding, since you are living under a most pernicious social and economic system, a system which puts a premium on selfishness.

All sentient entities are functioning in a universe of Relativity, and the perfectness of the Martian character and the ideal material and spiritual aspects of the planet are so by comparison only.

Martians are self-conscious of their shortcomings and aspire to higher things in God's Kingdom, for progress is eternal and the ultimate goal is never reached on the material plane of action, for the pinnacle of all progress is God. "BE YE PERFECT, EVEN AS YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN IS ALSO PERFECT."

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