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All material expressions of the Father, from the simplest chemical element to the most complex compound; from the one-celled protoplasmic life germ to the most complex organism, are Vibratory in their ultimate nature.

As has been stated elsewhere in this book, material life is the vibratory reflection from the Cause world into an Effect world. The universe is a vibratory expression of an absolute Reality--GOD: a material expression of Divine Harmony. And as Harmony is an expression of the Father, its antithesis, Discord, is the creation of man.

Of all the vibrations that more fully express the Father and arouse the Emotional within the soul, Music must of necessity head the list.

Owing to man's degeneration or fall, on your Earth, he has lost all receptibility to the more refined vibratory tones of the chromatic scale.

And for the same reason he has lost receptibility to intermediate vibrations in the COLOR spectrum, which has clouded or stultified his visional faculties. The long waves of the Infra-red and the short waves of the Ultra-violet ends of the spectrum are invisible to your Earth people except in rare cases of developed mediumship, though your photograph plates are somewhat sensitive to these vibrations.

You are immersed in commercialism and other selfish pursuits while all around you is a beautiful RAINBOW UNIVERSE, vibrating with music too heavenly for your dulled perceptions to enjoy.

On Mars the development of the Musical talent is held to be of primary importance. The laws of Harmony are part of the curriculum of all schools, and all necessary paraphernalia for its proper exposition are provided. We have instruments for measuring tone vibrations of so delicate a pitch that the existence of these tones would be a blank to the gross material ears of the inhabitants of your world.

Music arouses the innermost emotions of the soul and its effect on the individual is proportionate to his degree of spiritual development. Music is harmony, but it also creates an atmosphere of harmony.

The music of the spheres is a living reality, for Harmony is the very essence of the Cosmos. By Music of the Spheres is meant the harmonious interrelation of all spiritual planes. Every unit in the universe is in perfect accord one with the other, and all are functioning in perfect unison. Every Solar Orb and every Planet responds to Harmonious law. The Cosmos as a whole is the expression of a Divine Symphony.

When man's spiritual progress has attained a degree of enfoldment entitling him to come into possession of his Divine Heritage then will the sublime vibrations of the spheres be a reality to him.

On Mars divers instruments are used for producing musical harmony, and much of this harmony is of such a subtle nature that your crude instruments could not give expression to it.

We have a means of producing harmony of the highest order by utilizing Ethereal Electric Vibration which produces light vibrations corresponding to tone production. for true Electric Vibration is real music. This device resembles a series of globes. all transparent, colorless when not in action. But immediately they are allowed to produce music they become units of color and tone work that would give you the impression of SEEING AND HEARING A RAINBOW SIMULTANEOUSLY. You are not ready to receive the scientific explanation of this phenomenon, but we are ready to give it to you at any time.

Singing is also highly developed on our planet, for it is the first expression of harmony that the child is taught. This is true for the reason that vocal music is the most natural expression of harmonious vibrations. Much time is devoted to ensemble work among our people of all ages. This chorus work is of great benefit to all partaking, for individually and collectively much inspiration is received; and the tremendous Love-force loosened by this united expression of harmony becomes a phenomenal power and stimulus--a purifying agent for soul and body. This will help you to realize why disease is unknown to us.

In the development of the musical talents of the individual on Mars the pupil is impressed with the necessity of expressing the true self, and the original improvisation or composition is the method by which the pupil expresses his understanding of the subject. No one attempts to ape the technique or genius of another, for on Mars all are geniuses. This is true in every form of activity. All must be creators to express individuality.

When an individual on Mars has surpassed all others in some special expression of Divine Harmony the product of his genius is for the benefit of all, hence copyrights and patents are unknown on our planet.

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