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As Harmony is an expression of the Father, its coexistent, Art, is an expression of the laws of Rhythm through the individual when permanently registered in a material way.

The more a created object conforms to the laws of Harmony the more pleasing it is to the eye.

The artist gives expression to his soul within with paint brush, chisel or loom, and the quality of his production is proportionate to the development of his spiritual nature.

All of God's creatures are artists, although only a small percentage of His evolutionary creatures are able to express materially what lies hidden in the soul. Hence, a beautifully executed painting, statue or tapestry appeals to and interests almost everyone, even though few are able to execute their own artistic impressions.

The reason for this is that the average physical makeup is defective and therefore affords a poor vehicle for the expression of the real entity. Then again, artistic ability is a question of individual development.

Primordial man's efforts to depict that which delighted his soul were crude indeed, compared with the creations of your world's foremost artists today. But in a relative sense only, for the state of your art is as far behind the art of the Martians as are the carvings of your prehistoric cavemen behind the productions of your Michael Angelos. As man unfolds spiritually there is a corresponding advance in his artistic point of view.

This is evidenced by the fact that art has flourished more on your Earth among those races and individuals who are spiritually inclined. The products of the monastery and cloister in the Middle Ages are witness to this fact.

Amongst a materially inclined people whose selfish instincts have stultified their souls; a people whose ultimate goal is the acquisition of material things; a people whose only ambition is to satisfy self: a people whose ideas of real happiness are the pursuit of material pleasures, art has little place except as a fad.

This is the condition today in many parts of your world, and especially so on your Western continent. Prize fights and the sensualities of the stage interest many more people than do Art galleries and the beauties of Nature.

The fact that God is the Supreme Artist of the Universe can be established not only with the microscope, but with one's natural eyes. Divine Art is expressed in every atom comprising the universe; and poor indeed is he in Spiritual gifts who fails to feast his eyes on God's handiwork.

As Art is an expression of God's law of Harmony it can be said that its development on Mars has been a stimulus to the development of every line of planetary activity and enters into every phase of Martian social and industrial system.

As every one of God's creatures is an artist in the making, every Martian is a developed artist. Hence, every product of the loom or forge on our planet is an artistic production, and reflects in a material way the soul of the creator.

The incentive before the Martian is to work for the pleasure of working, which in ultimate analysis is God's work. Of course such a system of industrial activity would be impossible among a partially developed people.

Art on Mars typifies man's spiritual and material progress on this planet. This planet's past history and present achievements are woven into the products of the looms. The warp and woof of our beautiful tapestries, so much in evidence in every home, express the Spirituality of the Martian people; as do also the creations of the Martian sculptors, and the works of those who use brush and paint.

Some of the most beautiful productions of Mars art in painting, sculpture or tapestry depict the scenes and various episodes incident to Christ's visit to Mars 10,000 years ago. They show many wonderful works of the Master, but we do not call them Miracles for, as later art shows, the leaders of Martian spiritual attainment were and are true disciples and do also the works of the Master.

Mars' past has been one of achievement spiritually, and naturally in a material way also, so when the Martian artist weaves the story of the past in his loom there are no misgivings, for the Martian past is not fraught with hate, sin and suffering.

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